Jul 29, 2018

15 ‘Mahindodaya’ laboratories have caught fire Featured

Fifteen of the ‘Mahindodaya technical laboratories’ built during the previous regime have caught fire due to their substandard construction, says Ceylon Teachers’ Union secretary Joseph Stalin.

The use of below-quality material and equipment and substandard cable laying are the reasons, he says, noting that those laboratories were even without firefighting equipment.

In the latest incident, the laboratory at Kotahena National School was gutted and 40 computers and other equipment destroyed on July 24.

Namal and E-wis

‘Mahindodaya’ laboratories were built on an idea by the then president Mahinda Rajapaksa to grant laboratories to 1,000 secondary schools.s

There were allegations that E.W. Information Systems Ltd. (E-wis), owned by a friend of his son Namal Rajapaksa was given the tender to supply computers and other equipment worth Rs. 708 million to these laboratories in 100 schools in the first tender.

The same supplier was given the tender on three later occasions too, the last time for making supplies to 400 schools.

The total supplies are worth Rs. 4,956 million.

This fraud was taken up by the present regime soon after it took office, but was covered up gradually by the perpetrators who still hold top positions in the education ministry.

Stalin said their complaints regarding the matter have been unsuccessful.