Jul 25, 2018

Principal imprisoned for 3-yrs over caning a student

A group of civil society organisations had organised a merit invoking ceremony on July 23 at the Polpithigama National School for its Principal W.R.H.M. Jayawardena who was sentenced to three years rigorous imprisonment for having caned a student for committing an offence during his tenure as the Principal.

Several non-governmental organisations, including the Polpithigama Educational Zone Principals’ Association joined in this ceremony to invoke blessings on the principal.

Convening a press briefing last evening, these civil organisations noted that they had collected around 25,000 signatures on a petition that this group intends to hand over to the resident urging the said Principal be released. They said that this agitation would not be stopped until they have him released.

Later, around 4.45 pm the Maha Sangha had also joined the group in procession to the school playground.

Around 50 monks had joined in the Adhishtana Pooja, while school principals, retires principals and teachers and JVP – member Namal Karunaratne and the Polpithigama Pradeshiya Sabha Chairman Ranjith Wijenayake also participated.

The Adhishtana Pooja was conducted by Ven. Denike Ananda Thera of the Kurunegala Maliyadeva Vidyalaya.

In 2011, the Principal had canned the year seven student for a grave offence committed by him and later his parents had lodged a complaint against the principal and warded the student. Charges were filed against the principal for cruelty to a child. After seven years the verdict was issued on July 9th by the Kurunegala High Court. The principal was found guilty of the charge and sentenced to three years rigorous imprisonment and Rs. 100,000 compensation.