Jul 23, 2018

University lecturers to be prosecuted for not returning! Featured

Nearly 500 lecturers will be taken to court for not returning to their respective universities, as per agreement, from their higher studies overseas, warns minister Wijayadasa Rajapakshe.

The violators have been issued with warnings by the UGC, which they have disregarded, according to him.

Inquiries have ascertained that these lecturers have obtained jobs, some in the university in which they studied, without returning home.

As a result, a shortage of lecturers has forced the recruitment of external lecturers at high salaries for local universities, says the minister.

He says the higher education ministry will introduce more stringent conditions when sending lecturers for studies overseas in the future.

According to UGC estimates, more than Rs. 800 million had been spent on traveling, course fee and other expenditure for 486 absentee lecturers for their higher studies in the US, Australia, New Zealand, Canada, Norway, Sweden and the Netherlands.