Jul 22, 2018

Mahendran halted probe into ‘Mahinda’s cheques’ Featured

The then Central Bank governor Arjun Mahendran ordered the financial intelligence unit to halt an investigation in June 2015 into questionable cashing of cheques during the period of the last presidential election, ‘Irida Lanka’ reports.

The same person, D.M.S. Dissanayake of Rukmale, had cashed five cheques for Rs. 115,000,000 issued from four current accounts of the Bank of Ceylon between 08 and 30 December 2014.

Dissanayake had been attached to the Temple Trees staff during the period Rajapaksa was the president.

The cheques had been issued from the current accounts 0000001062, 0072978269, 0000001368 and 0000000305.

The sums issued were Rs. 25,000,000 (from cheque no. 272759), Rs. 25,000,000 (from cheque no. 723605), Rs. 25,000,000 (from cheque no. 279595) and Rs. 30,000,000 (from cheque no. 248370).