Jul 21, 2018

Wijeyadasa clarifies why Ian Paisley was suspended Featured

British Parliament has imposed a suspension on British MP Ian Paisley not because he had acted in support of Sri Lanka, but because he had used money paid by the Government of Sri Lanka for his personal use, Higher Education and Cultural Affairs Minister Dr. Wijeyadasa Rajapakshe said yesterday (20).
Minister Rajapakshe pointed out that disciplinary action had been taken against Paisley because he had violated the rules, regulations and standards of the British Parliament.

Minister Rajapakshe pointed out that certain false media reports have implied that his 30 days suspension was imposed because he had acted in support of Sri Lanka. Such false reporting may negatively influence the diplomatic relations of the two countries, Minister Rajapakshe observed. When Parliamentarians keep recurring the same false story, it will tarnish the image of Sri Lanka and Sri Lanka Parliament, he further said.

MPs should act with responsibility when making statements on sensitive matters such as these, Minister Rajapakshe said. He pointed out that British MPs are allowed to represent other countries.

Media institutes should also act with responsibility when reporting on matters such as these, without damaging diplomatic relations and dishonouring the reputation of the country, Minister Rajapakshe further added.

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