Jul 20, 2018

No drug kingpins on death row!

None of the notorious drug kingpins are on the death row list tabled by the Prisons Department before the justice ministry, reports say.
There are 23 notorious drug kingpins who are currently in remand custody. There are ongoing cases against 18 of them while the remaining five have already filed appeals after being sentenced to death or lifelong imprisonment.
Those who have filed appeals are 'Wele Suda', 'Susai', 'Nawas', 'Jesudasan' and 'Camilus'.  Out of them, 'Susai' was sentenced to a lifelong imprisonment.
It is said that those in the death row are actually dealers who were pawns of these drug kingpins.
Meanwhile, according to the report of the Prisons Department, the first convict to be hung is a female named Shyamali Perera.