Dec 15, 2016

‘Top levels of state service scared of new audit Act’ Featured

Leaving alone the government itself, top levels of the state service have become scared of the new audit Act, auditor general Gamini Wijesinghe has told BBC Sandeshaya.

Notwithstanding their reservations, the new Act will be a blessing for Sri Lanka and the state service, he said, describing the existing audit mechanism as being backward and inconsistent with the modern world’s computer technology.

Wijesinghe said there had been an undue delay in adopting the Act, but hoped it would be submitted to parliament without further setback and become law early next year after the president too, explained matters to the House.

He attributed the delay to certain influences being made against the audit act, and also due to its provisions to bring government audits under the AG’s Department.

Need for a change & new culture

Noting that Sri Lanka is a country that is averse to change, the AG said the new Act’s benefits would be known a year after its implementation.

He hoped the entire state service coming under the purview of the AG under the new Act would bring about a new culture.