Jul 17, 2018

Prepared to fast unto death to protect Rilagalayaya

Due to the excessive quarrying in the Beliatta Rilagalayaya area to obtain rock stones for the highway, the environmental damage caused to the area is immense and the Viharadhipathy of the Getamanna Raja Maha Viharaya Hakuruwela Pagngnasekara Thera had appealed to the authorities to take immediate measures to safeguard this environment.

The Thera noted that no matter how hard the authorities try to obtain the rocks from the Rilagalayaya mountain range, the Maha Sangha and the residents would not allow it and they would take every possible measure to prevent it.

 He said this during a press briefing organized by the Collective to protect Rilagalayaya and the Nature Education Centre.

“If our requests are unheeded and any party tries to destroy the Rilagala mountain range, we are prepared to launch a fast unto death campaign toprotect this mountain range,” the Thera said.

 Professor of the Ruhuna University D.L.A.S. Shammika and Nihal Indrajith of the Collective to protect Rilagalayaya also participated.