Jul 13, 2018

Bar Assn. finds no issue over accepting PT’s money Featured

The Bar Association finds no ethical issue over its having accepted Rs. 2.5 million from Perpetual Treasuries Company, according to its president U.R. de Silva.

That sum was obtained for PT’s sponsoring the golden jubilee of Lawasia of BASL, he has told ‘Ravaya’ in response to a previous issue of the newspaper reporting on the matter.

Several other institutions gave sponsorships too, says de Silva.

He said he has the audit reports to prove how the collected money was spent.

No one can criticize the BASL’s having accepted this money, as PT has not been found guilty of wrongdoing by any presidential commission or the Central Bank, said the BASL chief.

He said, however, they would not have any dealings with persons or institutions linked to crime.