Jul 05, 2018

Even if the GA changes, TNA intentions would not be fulfilled

The Vavuniya GA Somaratne Widanapathirana will be transferred to Galle with effect from tomorrow (6) it is reported.

Accordingly, the Batticaloa, Nindavur District Secretary M. Hanifa is scheduled to be appointed as the Vavuniya GA.

It is reported that the Vavuniya GA had been transferred based on vigorous requests by the TNA.

However, when Sri Lanka Mirror contacted Widanapathirana regarding this issue, he said this transfer was based on a request made by him. When we asked him if there was other pressure that led to his transfer, he said although there were other pressures, it had nothing to do with him.

The Vavuniya District Secretariat Additional District Secretary T. Thiresh Kumar, he said this transfer was based on a request made by Widanapathirana.

It has not even been a year since Widanapathirana was appointed as the Vavuniya GA.

When he took up his post and tried to set up a multi-religious place of worship, the TNA created a huge rumpus and alleged that he was trying to establish a Buddha statue. This incident brought on huge criticism against him from the Public Administration Ministry and the Presidential Secretariat, based on false allegations.

Later when the GA had suggested to develop the area surrounding the Vavuniya lake and construct a walking path, the Northern Chief Minister had reprimanded him asking him to do his job and the TNA members would take care of the development in the area.

It is reported that the TNA had a sinister plan to get him out of his position and bring in a Tamil GA, but instead a Muslim was appointed to the post.

This is the first time that a Muslim national has been appointed as the Vavuniya GA.