Jul 03, 2018

Sigiriya-Dambulla to be made a tourist zone

The Central Environmental Organisation has focussed its attention on connecting Sigiriya, Dambulla, Ibbankatuwa and Namal Uyana and developing it as a tourist zone, said its Director General Priyashantha Gunawardena.

He said this subsequent being handed over the operational activities of the National Namal Uyana and rose quartz deposit sites.

The programme would be implemented targeting the approximately 600,000 tourists visiting Sigiriya annually and attracting them to visit the other archaeological sites in the vicinity including the rose quarts deposits. The tourists have been missing these sites and instead, have been traveling towards Anuradhapura and Polonnaruwa.

The Director General said that the area would be developed and promoted for its natural environment, Baudharama complex, geological significance etc. An information centre containing all significant data will be set up while this area would be developed as a nationally important educational centre.

He said this addressing a group of media personnel who had visited the rose quarts deposits on a field tour.