Jul 02, 2018

Teachers to 'fall ill' on July 4th

The Teachers’ Associations said that a strike is scheduled to take place on July 4 where teachers, principals and 260,000 employees of the education sector would not attend work having applied for ‘sick leave’.

This strike action is in protest against a decision taken by the government to grant positions in the principal and education administrative services to 1200 persons who were subjected to political revenge, said the Ceylon Teachers' Union Secretary Joseph Stalin.

For the first time in history the strike action will be launched as a combined effort with the participation of 240,000 teachers, 15,000 principals, 2500 education administrators and 1500 others attached to the teaching profession.

Due to the strike action it all government schools would be greatly affected. During the strike action, 19 science faculties, 97 zonal offices, 9 provincial offices, 315 divisional offices and 10,194 schools will be affected.

According to the Secretary of the Independent Teachers’ Association Sarath Kahagalle, the decision to grant these promotions has been taken by the Cabinet violating the Education Services Constitution, which had also not received the approval of the State Services Commission and the Education Services Board.

Meanwhile, the Secretary of the Lanka Teacher Services Association Mahinda Jayasinghe, instead of granting those who were subjected to political victimization a compensation, these promotions have been designed to even grant those who are idling at home, prominent positions. He said 18 teacher unions had jointly written to the Education Secretary on this issue.

Mahinda Jayasinghe warned that if the Education Ministry fails to stop this arbitrary actions, all unions will join in severe trade union action in the future.



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