Jul 02, 2018

Teen blackmails her own father for 10m ransom

A 16-year-old girl and her boyfriend who had attempted to obtain a ransom of Rs. 10 million from the girl’s father has been arrested by the Negombo Crimes Division.

The girl is a student attending an international school and her 26-year-old boyfriend is employed at an airline.

The duo had gone to a lodge in Eththukal, Negombo on June 28 and using the girl’s telephone had contacted her mother and demanded a ransom claiming that she had been abducted. The parents had later complained about the incident to the Negombo Police.

However, she had later notified the mother that the abductors had agreed to reduce the ransom to a million. Later, the police had received word that the abducted student had been abandoned at the Batapaththala area.

Upon interrogation the girl had told police that a woman and four others had come on June 28 around 10.00 am asking about an address, and had held something to her face and abducted her.

She had said that on June 29, she had been abandoned on the roadside and with the help of a lorry driver, she had found her way to the police. Later the Negombo Police commenced an investigation together with the Crimes Division.

Later, the girl was questioned by police in her native language, Tamil and had asked her about a number that had frequently called her, based on telephone records to which she had got alarmed and restless, which aroused police suspicion.

Upon interrogation of the suspect it was revealed that the daughter and her boyfriend had planned the whole fiasco.

The girl and her boyfriend have both been handed over to the Negombo Police Headquarters for further investigations and they are scheduled to be produced in court.




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