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Jun 30, 2018

Colombo campus hostel discovered in Hambantota! Featured

A 100 room hostel belonging to the Colombo Campus has been discovered from the Hambantota Weligaththa area.

This was revealed by the State Report of the Public Accounts Committee presented to parliament recently.

The Colombo University Faculty of Biology was proposed to be built in the Hambantota Weligaththa area, but prior to the faculty being built this hostel was built at a cost of Rs. 219 million.

This facility has 100 rooms and construction commenced in 2013, but as the proposed Faculty of Biology of the Colombo University which was proposed to be constructed was later abandoned, which made the hostel another white elephant.

According to the recommendations of the Public Accounts Committee report, it is a grave complication that a hostel has been built prior to the faculty being built.

There are allegations that former University Grants Commission Chairman Shanika Hirimburegama and her husband Vice Chancellor of the Colombo University Kumar Hirimburegama were behind this construction project.

They were said to be close allies of former President Mahinda Rajapaksa.