''Government intends to ban tobacco and cigarettes by 2020” – Min. Rishad ''Government intends to ban tobacco and cigarettes by 2020” – Min. Rishad
Jun 30, 2018

Sri Lanka spends over 41,000 million more on smoking that what is spent on milk powder Featured

Sri Lanka spends more on tobacco than what is spends on milk power, said the Commerce and Industries Minister Rishad Bathiudeen.

Sri Lanka spends $ 64,400 million annually for the import of milk powder and spends Rs. 106,260 million for tobacco cultivation and import, said Minister Bathiudeen joining the ceremony organised for the issuing of the tobacco cultivation research report.

Accepting the research report by Dr. Chathura Rodrigo the minister said the government intends to ban tobacco cultivation, tobacco and cigarettes by 2020.

“We spend $ 660 million or Rs. 106,260 million annually to treat diseases related to the use of tobacco, medications and treatment. Therefore, this research report is vital to us…

This report has been formulated taking into account the ideas of the tobacco farmers, in order to ascertain how to switch from tobacco cultivation to other alternative crops.

What we need to consider is that, taking into account the colossal amount that is spent on tobacco cultivation, consumption and import, the measures taken by the government is the most productive and imminent move,” Minister Bathiudeen added.