Jun 29, 2018

Govt. probes whether Rs 1120m given to MR by China is in the UAE

The government has made official inquiries from the United Arab Emirates on whether the Rs.1120 million allegedly given by China to fund Mahinda Rajapaksa’s election campaign in order to obtain the construction contract of the Hambantota harbour, is deposited in the UAE.

Based on information that this money is being deposited in the UAE, Foreign Minister Tilak Marapone had made this inquiry.

Leader of the House Lakshman Kiriella had told the ‘Divaina’ newspaper that this inquiry was made based on very reliable information.

He had said that with the article published in the New York Times regarding this sum of money being given to Mahinda Rajapaksa by China, a broad investigation had been initiated revealing these details.

Several high ranking officials of China Harbour company who was instrumental in providing this money to the Mahinda Rajapaksa election campaign have been sent to China by the current government.

The New York Times newspaper revealed that Mahinda Rajapaksa had been given this sum of money by China in their June 25 publication.


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