The picture being shared in facebook (right) The picture being shared in facebook (right)
Jun 27, 2018

Fake that Jerome Boateng was born in Matara Featured

Sri Lankan fans are showing much interest in the football World Cup in Russia, although their country has no representation.

Facebook and other social media are carrying their comments, criticisms, likes, dislikes, praises etc.

More than 4,000 shares

Of them, what has received more than 4,000 ‘shares’ in fb is a claim with his picture that German footballer Jerome Boateng was born to a poor family in Matara in 1989 and that he was adopted by a German family.

However, he is of African-German origin – father a Ghanaian and mother German – and was born in Berlin in 1988.

The fb posting also claims he had been invited by the Sri Lanka Football Association to represent the country at the South Asian Games.

A simple check in internet will prove the claim to be false.

Fake news & how to identify them

Fake news and photographs are posted in social media with various intentions.

There are many methods to prevent falling victim to a fake news.

They include a check in other media, authenticity of the fb page, website that has published it, nature of the pictures and video, and consider if the claim could be conceivable.

Fake news about Sri Lanka is nothing new to social media.

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US presidential candidate, with a Sri Lankan origin, another fake

Previously, there were claims that Donald Trump has signed a decree for visa-free entry to the US for Sri Lankans, a person with Sri Lankan origin was contesting the 2016 US presidential polls, tigers in the Wilpattu national park, Rohingya crisis etc.