Jun 26, 2018

It wasn’t me, says Kabir

The funds of the University Grants Commission (UGC) provident fund was not invested in the Central Bank Treasury Bonds under his administration, said Highways and Road Development Minister Kabir Hashim.

The minister was facing allegations regarding the UGC provident funds and after the Kegalle committee meeting yesterday (25), he said this in response to questions raised by the media.

Kabir Hashim pointed out that under the government’s 100 day programme, although he had functioned as the Higher Education Minister, thereafter Sarath Amunugama had taken over that position and this transaction had taken place under his administration.

Act of the previous govt.!

However, the minister noted that the investment of UGC funds was a decision taken by the UGC Director board and said that the initial steps in this regard was taken during the administration of the previous regime.

He further noted that the approval of the Attorney General had also been received in 2015 prior to investing in the Treasury bonds.

The minister alleged that the media had reported the issue without proper verification of facts, causing him grave injustice by levelling false allegations against him.

The minister said this in response to a statement issued by the Human Rights Centre recently.

Allegation by the Human Rights Centre?

Although Shanika Hirimburegama had functioned as the Chairman of the UGC by February 27, when the Treasury Bond happened, it is still a question as to the manner Kabir Hashim had intervened in removing her from that post in a very questionable manner, the HR centre stated.

Due to funds of almost Rs. 1000 million of funds from the UGC provident fund being invested in the Treasury bonds, the negative effects of this issue is bound to be felt for many years in the university education system of this country, the Human Rights Centre pointed out in a statement issued by the Executive Director of the Human Rights Centre Keerthi Tennakoon.