How can Buddhist philosophy go in line with  a military dictatorship? asks Heshan Withanage How can Buddhist philosophy go in line with a military dictatorship? asks Heshan Withanage
Jun 21, 2018

Rajapaksas’ Hitler mania should be defeated - UNP Featured

UNP MP Heshan Withanage says he is very much saddened by a remark by Anu Nayake of Asgiriya Chapter Vendaruwe Upali Thera that Sri Lanka should have a military leader for its development.

Speaking to the media in Colombo today (21), the MP referred to the prelate’s statement made on the previous day and questioned as to how a military dictatorship could go in line with the Buddhist philosophy.

There are serious questions on what basis Upali Thera has made the remark, he said, noting that the present regime was safeguarding freedom, social justice and media freedom within the concept of good governance.

Planning to mislead Buddhist clergy

Withanage said he feared Gotabhaya Rajapaksa and his loyalists were planning to mislead the Buddhist clergy to achieve their ends, what exactly did during the previous regime.

Does the country need an era of inhuman murders again in order for rulers to gain their petty political objectives, he asked.

Swastika instead of flower bud

The entire country should get together and defeat this attempt to take the country back to a dictatorial regime highlighting Hitler’s Swastika symbol by hiding it behind the SLPP’s flower bud symbol, he said.

Also speaking here, MP Chaminda Wijesiri urged the masses to rally against any attempts to create sinners in the country.

Chaminda 670px 21 06 18 Don’t divide the clergy to commit a worst sin – Chaminda WijesiriBeing a Sinhala Buddhist country, Sri Lanka should have an administrative mechanism that suits its Buddhist line of thinking, he said.

The country does not need a military regime ever again, Wijesiri stressed.

He asked that no attempts be made to repress the people, divide the clergy, tarnish the supremacy of the law and democracy and commit the five worst sins to take the country to anarchy.

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