Dec 12, 2016

Dispute over appointment of a govt. printer Featured

Functions of the Government Printing Department are facing disruption due to the non-appointment of a qualified person to head the institution, say its employees.

As per the printing services constitution, the cabinet should appoint to the position the most qualified senior additional government printer in service.

However, at present, the department is without a single person holding the capacity of additional government printer.

The Public Services Commission has the responsibility of appointing the three most qualified persons in service to that position following an interview.

An applicant has won the right after successfully filing a fundamental rights petition in the Supreme Court against the interview that was to be conducted in breach of the printing services constitution.

A fresh interview is due to take place.

However, in disregard of the court order and in breach of administrative procedures, the acting government printer is to be recommended to the position by misleading the subject minister, reports say.