Jun 19, 2018

500-yr old sweet water well found (Pics)

An ancient well has surfaced from a land of a farmer near the bank of the Mee Oya, in the Mailankulama village of the Wanathavilluwa area in Puttalam, reports say.

The well had been discovered quite by accident, when the wife of the farmer was clearing the land. She had discovered old, baked pieces of clay, around 7-8 inches big. Her husband, Mr. Piyasiri Ananda had cleared the top soil layer before finding a small well with a clay rim.

With the help of residents, the well had been dug, cleared and cleansed when they had discovered old bits of pottery as well as old seashells from the bottom.

It was discovered that the well is around 40ft. deep, Mr. Ananda says. Residents say that the cleansed well holds ample clean water.

His wife, Mrs. A. Karunawathie says that the water of the well is quite sweet, similar to that of king coconut.

'Since the well has been cleaned, most people in the village draw water from this well to drink,' she adds.

Now, a wall of around two feet from the ground has been built around the well.

The Mailakulam area is just about 30km away from the historic area of Thambapanniya, which is said to have been the home of Kuweni. History book state that a flourishing pottery industry existed in the area around the Mee Oya during the ancient days of the kings.

Upon contacting archeological officials of the Puttalam area, they had said they too were informed of such a well has been discovered and they think it is over 500 years old. However, authorities are yet to take any measures with regard to this discovery.

(Pics : Priyankara Kalupahana - Puttalam correspondent)