From successful mission for peace,  armed forces members in development battle From successful mission for peace, armed forces members in development battle
Jun 18, 2018

Armed forces members to wage battle for development Featured

Members of the armed forces will join in in the battle for development through ‘Gamperaliya’ following their successful mission for peace, says minister Mangala Samaraweera.

With their discipline and commitment, they will achieve success in this battle too, he told an awareness programme on ‘Gamperaliya’ at the Moneragala district secretariat.

The launch of ‘Gamperaliya’ takes place on June 22, with its first development exhibition due on August 16 in Moneragala.

25,000 houses without lavatories

DSC 9060The meeting of state officials was told that 25,000 houses in Moneragala district were without lavatory facilities.

Minister Samaraweera instructed his secretary Dr. R.H.S. Samaratunga to immediately release Rs. 500 m to construct lavatories for them.

All sanitation requirements of the district’s people will be in place by the time the ‘Gamperaliya’ exhibition takes place there.

Speaking at the meeting, the minister said he was glad this development battle was launched from Uva, where the Wellassa battle took place 200 years ago.

Enterprise Sri Lanka

He also said Enterprise Sri Lanka is a programme that will transform the country into a paradise for entrepreneurs.

The ‘Gamperaliya’ exhibition raises public awareness on creating 100,000 rural entrepreneurs by 2020, he said.DSC 9290

Moneragala’s poverty level is 20.8 pc

Samaraweera noted that Moneragala’s poverty level stood at 20.8 per cent, whereas the national level figure was 6.4 pc.

Rs. 200 million each will be allocated to each divisional secretariat in the district for development activities, he said.

The required funding will be released through the district secretary to the divisional secretaries.