Dec 12, 2016

Police Commission discusses IGP over ‘Nilame’ case Featured

The National Police Commission is at discussions with regard to the action to be taken against IGP Pujith Jayasundara who has publicly given a promise not to arrest a corruption accused which he has identified as ‘Nilame,’ BBC Sandeshaya reports.

The NPC is expected to announce its stand with regard to the conduct of the police chief and the political pressure he is experiencing.

Certain members of the commission note the IGP has powers as per the 19th amendment to the constitution to act impartially without giving into political pressure.

While addressing a gathering at a public platform, Jayasundara answered a telephone call he received and told the caller, which he addressed as ‘sir’, that ‘Nilame’ would not be arrested.

Prime minister Ranil Wickremesinghe has told parliament that the person the IGP has referred to as ‘sir’ could be minister Sagala Ratnayake.


Calls for IGP’s removal

At a recent media briefing, the Anti Corruption Front claimed the person in question is former Basnayake Nilame of Devinuwara Vishnu Devale Dishan Wickramaratne Gunasekara.

‘The Sunday Times’ has reported that the Constitutional Council has decided to recommend to president Maithripala Sirisena that action should be taken against the IGP.

Minister Ratnayake’s associates claim he had made the inquiries on a request by a political authority higher than him.

A friend of ex-speaker Chamal Rajapaksa and minister Ratnayake, Gunasekara is having close connections with the SLFP faction loyal to the president.

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