Jun 14, 2018

Lotus Tower tragedy : Rs. 30K demanded to release youth's body

A sum of Rs. 30,000 being obtained to handover the remains of the teenager who fell to his death in the lift shaft of the Lotus Tower (Nelum Kuluna) in Colombo, has sparked public outrage.

The victim, Koneswaran Nidharshan (19), is a technology stream student of the Kilinochchi Central College, and was to sit for his GCE Advanced Level exam this year.

However, he had come to Colombo in search of employment to supplement his family's meangre income.

A member of the Kilinochchi Pradeshiya Sabha had intervened to take back the youth's remains to Kilinochchi and he had initially told that they would just have to foot the fuel for the vehicle transporting the remains. However, the remains had been taken by an ambulance of a voluntary group and Nidharshan's family had been asked to pay up a sum of Rs. 30,000 to release the body.

Residents and relatives has expressed their outrage over the affair.

(Source : Divaina)


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