Dec 11, 2016

Silent protests in north on HR day Featured

Silent protests and religious functions took place in the northern province yesterday (10) in view of international human rights day.

At these events, relatives of missing persons voiced their hope that their loved ones be returned to them safely and demanded government ensured same.

They called on the president and the prime minister to give adequate powers to the Office of the Missing Persons.

Handicapped without adequate powers

Convener of the committee on missing persons Sundaram Mahendran told BBC Sandeshaya that the previous Maxwell Paranagama committee too, was handicapped without powers.

It could not take the guilty parties to courts even if there was evidence against them, he said, adding that the OMP was also having the same setback.

Mahendran said they had evidence of 6,000 persons who had gone missing during the war, while the Paranagama committee received between 22,000 and 24,000 complaints.

Fifteen of the missing persons had been freed from secret camps, the most recent being a woman and their two daughters, according to him.

It is unfair that no investigation has taken place so far into those who had kept them, said Mahendran.