Jun 08, 2018

Over 300 trees felled to reduce weight on Mt. Wilshire!

It was revealed at the Matale District Secretary meeting that 300 trees on a mountain in the Matale area had been cut down due to its weight on the mountain.

Addressing the meeting under the patronage of Central Province Chief Minister Sarath Ekanayake, the Chairman of the Matale Pradeshiya Sabha - Kapila Heendeniya said around 300 trees on a private land on the Mt. Wilshire above the Matale town had been felled.

He further noted that approval for the cutting down of the trees were obtained having notified the relevant authorities that these trees were too heavy for the mountain. “This is an absurd reason, but they had received the approval. Due to the cutting down of these trees, there is a danger of landslides,” he said.

Meanwhile, the Matale Divisional Secretary P.L.P. Maduwanthi said she had been told that these trees had been cut down as it was too heavy for the mountain.