Jun 08, 2018

Monitoring MPs called for ‘Gamperaliya’!

Prime Minister Ranil Wickremesinghe has decided to assign monitoring MPs a targeted time frame to complete the development activities in their areas.

This measure was taken in order to expeditiously complete the ‘Gamperaliya’ development projects which will directly benefit the people.

Measures were taken to appoint the government backbenchers as monitoring MPs in order to productively complete the development projects.

These MPs will not be paid an additional allowance for this task, but provisions will be made for them to establish offices in their respective electorates to carry out their task.

As they will not be granted an allowance or fuel quota, they will be provided vehicle facilities by the relevant subject ministries.

These monitoring MPs would be assigned a specific time frame for the completion of these projects which will be monitored directly under the Prime Minister’s office and monthly progress reviews would also be called.