Jun 06, 2018

4,000 Lankan-born children given for adoption in Holland (video) Featured

Around 4,000 Sri Lankans who had been given for adoption by poor parents since the 1980s live in Holland, according to radiogagana.com.

One of them is Sandamali, who has launched a programme to reunite the separated children with their biological parents.

Born to a woman from Ruwanwella, she organized a meeting at Viharamaha Devi Park in Colombo for those mothers.

Sandamali also distributed leaflets near Colombo Fort railway station, asking women to inform her about any of their children given for adoption.

According to her, many of these Sri Lankan born Dutch children are looking for their biological parents.

She hopes to form a DNA database in Holland that will help their reunions.

Sandamali could be contacted for details on telephone no. 0774289289.

Last year, Sri Lankan authorities admitted in a Dutch documentary that thousands of babies born there were fraudulently sold for adoption abroad in the 1980s.

Up to 11,000 children may have been sold to European families, with both parties being given fake documents.

Some were reportedly born into "baby farms" that sold children to the West.