Jun 05, 2018

Applications called for MediaCorp Fellowship Program

The Sri Lanka Development Journalist Forum (SDJF) calls for young reporters to apply for the MediaCorp Fellowship Program.

Under the programme, young reporters will work in pairs of different faiths/ethnicities representing Sri Lanka and produce effective multimedia stories that could address burning issues of fellow communities. 

The purpose of this new initiative is to break traditional storytelling methods and produce highly fascinating stories about different faiths and ethnic communities; social media serving as a platform to create dialogue for sustainable peace and reconciliation in Sri Lanka.

This program has been designed to span over 3 years, servicing the needs and interests of; young storytellers, journalists, film makers, digital media activists, short film makers, freelancers, online reporters, etc. SDJF is expecting to offer fellowships for 24 young, energetic candidates across the country in the current year. 

The successful candidates for the above program will receive interactive training on “Positive Multimedia Storytelling” techniques. In addition, the members will get a unique experience in being with different faith and ethnic communities for story hunting and then narrating. All the expenses related to this program will be covered by SDJF.

The candidates will be selected through competitive application process and followed by an interview. The application can be downloaded from www.Ldjf.org or can be collected from SDJF office.

Applications must be submitted on or before 15 June 2018.

For further information and clarifications please call 0771 913 004 or 0773290650 or write to  This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

The project is implemented by SDJF as part of “Media Empowerment for Democratic Sri Lanka (MEND)” program by the International Research and Exchanges Board (IREX), with support from USAID. The goal of MEND is to improve citizens’ access to balanced and reliable news and information and to support Sri Lanka’s efforts to strengthen media freedom and democratic governance.