Jun 02, 2018

Around 99% of busses unfit for passenger transport!

A survey had revealed that 99% of the busses being used for transport in the country are unsuitable for passenger transportation and is unsafe, Silumina reported.

National Transport Commission has focussed its attention of taking measures to resolve the issue of these unsuitable busses, it is reported.

The survey had revealed that the busses imported to the country, which are with lorry engines and chassis which are not suitable for passenger transport as it does not provide safety to passengers when applying breaks or when an accident occurs.

It has further revealed that these lorry chassis are built for goods transport and is totally unsuitable for passenger transport, which can also have adverse impacts on the health of passengers who frequently travel in these vehicles.

In 2014, a committee was appointed by the Cabinet and it was recommended not to import busses with lorry engines and chassis, while an assessment was done on the standards that should be maintained for busses.

When asked how the Transport Commission issued licences for these busses with lorry engines and chassis, a senior officer of the Commission said although it was accepted that it is not suitable for passenger transport, as the Motor Traffic Department registers these busses as  passenger transport busses, the commission has no choice but to issue the licenses.