Jun 01, 2018

Plans to raid President’s office

The President should reveal the list of names of all politicians who had obtained money from the Bond scam within the next week, if not  they would raid the President’s office together with the members of the Employees Provident Fund, warned the Inter Company Workers Union.

The Chairman of the Inter Company Employees Union Wasantha Samarasinghe pointed out that it was vital for the people to know who these persons are and to recover the monies paid to them.

Although President Maithripala Sirisena had said that he had not publicized 106 pages of the Bond scam report to protect  its sensitive contents and initiate sudden action, these pages contains the names of the relevant individuals and details of the money they had obtained, said Samarasinghe.

He noted that some MPs from Maithri’s, Ranil’s and Mahinda’s parties had all obtained money from the Bond scam.