May 30, 2018

"Half the population have no bank account"

The current population in Sri Lanka is around 22 million, but so far the number of bank accounts is only around 10-12 million, said the Chairman of Commercial Bank Dharma Dheerasinghe.

He had said this during an interview with Ada Derana.

“Opening a bank account is a basic act. In the past parents taught us how to obtain a pass book. We have around 3.6 million accounts at our bank and some account holders have more than one account. Even if you take into account the accounts of all banks, I doubt there are over 10-12 million accounts. This matter needs to be studied and necessary action needs to be taken,”  said Dheerasinghe.

He pointed out that taking this figure into account, it is his notion that half of the country’s population do not possess a bank account, adding that in the study of financial literacy, a basic measurement is having a bank account.

The full interview with the Chairman of Commercial Bank Dharma Dheerasinghe is below.