Dec 09, 2016

Magampura port protesters seize 2 ships Featured

Workers at Magampura port in Hambantota continued their protest for the third day today (09) and seized control of two ships docked at the port.

Their union action to demand that all 483 workers be recruited by the Ports Authority has brought activities of the port to a halt.

Alleging an attempt to use the Navy to take away the two ships seized by them, both vehicle carries arriving from China and Singapore, union leader I.K. Omesh said they would use barges as a blockade.

He said several workers were staging a fast on the 14th floor of the port’s administrative building.

Omesh questioned the government as to why only Magampura port was having workers not attached to the Ports Authority.

Will resign if workers lose their jobs - Arjuna

Subject minister Arjuna Ranatunga met the strikers yesterday and said their demand could not be met, but that the Chinese company had agreed to retain the workers.

He said that he would resign from his position if the workers lost their jobs at the port.

However, the strikers were not favourable to the minister’s suggestion.

The government has announced the launch next year of 150 industries linked to the Magampura port as one of the biggest development projects in the country.