May 21, 2018

Mano resolves language issues of state employees

Following discussions between the state services trade unions and National Dialogue and Language Minister Mano Ganesan, the Minister had agreed to issue a circular providing relief to the state sector employees.

During this discussion, the minister had agreed to grant 106 hours of training courses for state sector officers to develop their state language proficiency.

Further, the minister had agreed to grant  new recruits to the state sector will be provided a language  training programme of 150 hours to develop their language skills, prior to commencement of their duties and provide those who pass their language exams with incentive payments.

The minister had agreed to issue a new circular in this regard revising all older circulars and he had assured the trade union representatives that he would resolve these issues within one month.

After 2007, all state sector employees were required to gain proficiency of other state languages apart from the language they were recruited under within five years based on the level required for their post and those who failed to do so would not receive their promotions and salary increments.

Issuing a statement, the All Ceylon Teachers Association stated that due to this over 1.4 million state sector employees were facing a serious injustice.

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