May 19, 2018

Another fraud of the President’s Chief of Staff revealed! Featured

The President’s Chief of Staff I.K. Mahanama had claimed that his land was being acquired for the construction of the Colombo-Kandy Expressway and had obtained compensation at a higher valuation for a land that did not even belong to him, it is reported.

He had obtained this compensation payment for a land in the Kadawatha area. It is said that he had also obtained this compensation within  the span of a few days.

Currently, Mahanama is in remand custody over an incident where he was nabbed by the Bribery Commission officers while he was accepting an initial  bribe of Rs. 20 million together with the Chairman of the Timber Corporation. He had demanded a bribe of Rs. 100 million from an Indian investor to provide all facilities for the Kanthale Sugar Factory.