May 19, 2018

Rosy’s toilet is not worth so much! Featured

Colombo Mayor Rosy Senanayake said Rs. 5.7 million would not be spent for the renovation of the toilets at the Mayor’s official residence.

She noted that the renovations of the whole Mayor’s residence cwould cost Rs. 5.2 million.

She said for the renovation of the six toilets at the Mayor’s residence it would cost Rs. 1.4 million.

She pointed out that the Mayor’s residence is  a building that has archaeological value and this amount would be spent to preserve it as an archaeological building.

However, Municipal Councilor Sumith Pussaperuma said that Mayor Rosy Senanayake had got Rs. 5.7 million allocated for the renovation of the toilets at the Mayor’s Official Residence, at the recent CMC meeting.

The estimates presented by the Deputy Municipal Commissioner (Engineering Services), Municipal Treasurer and Municipal Commissioner for the approval of the Standing Committee for the renovation of the CMC Mayor’s residence is here.