May 18, 2018

Ranjan’s security officer threatens journalist

A security officer of the Deputy Minister of Social Empowerment Ranjan Ramanayake, had threatened a journalist from ‘Mawbima’ newspaper Prageeth Sampath Karunatillake and attempted to assault him.

On May 16 around 9 pm the journalist had been on his way home, the security officer had verbally abused him and tried to assault him. Two of his brothers who were with him had also verbally abused the journalist, threatening his life and had tried to assault him.

The journalist had called 119 and complained and had requested police to provide him security.

The journalist had also met the OIC of the Homagama Police station and complained about this incident on May 17, while the Homagama Police is conducting further investigations into the complaint. The suspects had been released on bail.