“Bureaucracy has halted govt. functions” – Buddhika Pathirana “Bureaucracy has halted govt. functions” – Buddhika Pathirana
May 11, 2018

Rs. 1,500 m loss from food supply to armed forces Featured

An irregularity in the tender for the supplying of food for the three armed forces in 2018 has caused a Rs. 1,500 million loss to the state, says MP Buddhika Pathirana.

The loss from handing over the supply of tea from JEDB to a private supplier and a low quality supply of boots alone are Rs. 500 m, he says.

Pathirana on May 09 lodged a complaint to the FCID alleging these losses.

Before doing that, he told journalists that the Defence Ministry should have finalized the tender by December 2017, but that it was yet to be done.

The MP said he raised the matter with the president, who telephoned technical committee chairman and additional secretary of the ministry, Sarath Kumara, who claimed the matter was the responsibility of the tender committee.

Thereafter, a call was taken to the defence secretary, also a tender committee member, who admitted the matter and said it would be presented to the appeal committee, said Pathirana.

However, not one of the failed bidders had been informed as to why they lost the tender.

The MP said the former chief of the staff of the president and the ex-Timber Corporation chairman too, did the same thing.

He added that bureaucracy has halted government functions, which should be eliminated.