May 07, 2018

Fonseka pressured to apologize to the president Featured

Minister Sarath Fonseka is under pressure within the UNP for having made very critical remarks of president Maithripala Sirisena at the party’s May Day rally yesterday (06).

Several of his colleagues have taken up the matter with prime minister Ranil Wickremesinghe, who has totally agreed with them.

Noting that on a similar previous occasion, Fonseka was summoned to Temple Trees, the PM said an immediate step would have to be taken with regard to his conduct.

He promised the ministers that he would ask Fonseka to apologize to the president at the cabinet meeting on Wednesday.

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“We made the wrong person president. The UNP now has to suffer”

At the May Day rally of the UNP, Fonseka said they made the wrong person president and the country and the party have to suffer for that today.

He insisted that the UNP should field its own candidate at the next presidential election.

Fonseka also said that a dangerous fate would befall him and the others if the Rajapaksas were not sent to the places they deserved within the next 18 months.

Meanwhile, a senior SLFP minister told Sri Lanka Mirror they would closely watch what action the PM would take against Fonseka after the president gave into his demand not to give ministerial positions to the 16 SLFP MPs who voted against him at the no-confidence motion.

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