May 07, 2018

Stalin slams uneven posting of teachers

Due to the lack of proper recruiting and posting, there are 3145 schools in the country with less than 10 teachers working in them, charges secretary of the Ceylon Teachers' Union - Joseph Stalin.

Quoting a Central Bank report, he says that teacher-student ratio in the Western province is 18:1 in the Western province while the islandwide ratio stands at 1:20. There are 238,000 teachers in 10,222 schools, he adds.

A lack of healthy balance in posting as well as providing transfers and promotions over political influence has led to this, Stalin says. In rural schools, there is a dearth of teachers for nearly every subject, he adds.

With 1,900 out of the 3290 recruits from the recent NCOE (Vidya Peeta) intake being attached to National schools, there is a surplus of teachers in National schools and popular schools, he said, adding that authorities should introduce solutions for this.