Subjects under higher education & highways ministry as well as under  finance & media scheduled to be changed Subjects under higher education & highways ministry as well as under finance & media scheduled to be changed
May 01, 2018

Mangala retains Finance & Media : Higher Education to Wijayadasa

The anticipated Cabinet reshuffle is scheduled to take place at the Presidential Secretariat at 10.00 am today (01), under the patronage of President Maithripala Sirisena.

All ministers within the government were notified yesterday to be present at the Presidential Secretariat by 9.30 am today, while they are expected to be sworn in to their new appointments.

This time around, the subjects were divided based on a scientific method by the President’s Secretary and Prime Minister’s Secretary, limiting the ministries to 43, it is reported. Currently the number of ministries stands at 47.  

At the Cabinet reshuffle, Minister Mangala Samaraweera is expected to retain his Finance and Media Ministry, while the President and Prime Minister have approved the Ministry of Higher Education being given to President’s Counsel Wijayadasa Rajapaksha, according to government sources.
P Harrison

Samurdhi to Harrison

The President and Prime Minister had also discussed the appointment of a separate minister for the Buddha Sasana Ministry and handing over of the Samurdhi Ministry to P. Harrison of the UNP.

It is also reported that the Cultural Ministry subjects, which is under the Education Ministry, will be removed and assign this subject under the Cultural Ministry.

Further, new appointments are to be made to the ministries left vacant due to the resigning of a group of ministers recently. Accordingly the new appointments would be made to the Social Empowerment and Welfare, Science and technology, Vocational Training, Sports, Labour and Trade relations and the Disaster Management ministries.

Broad revolution in ministerial subjects:

According to government sources, a dramatic change in ministerial portfolios are expected in the Cabinet reshuffle while several changes are expected in the subjects allocated under each ministry.

Accordingly, the subjects allocated under the Higher Education and Finance and Media ministries are expected to change.

The Central Cultural Fund, Ape Gama, National Arts Board, National Cultural Centre, Janakala Kendraya, Public Performance Control Board, Tower Hall Foundation and the Archaeological Department which were under the Education Ministry will now come under the Cultural Ministry, it is reported.

The National Film Corporation that was under the State Administration Ministry will now come under the Cultural Ministry or the Media Ministry, during the reshuffle, it is reported.

mujibar Buddika marikkar

Several backbenchers tipped to receive deputy ministerial posts....

Meanwhile, it had also been discussed to offer deputy ministerial posts to the back benchers who had won their electorates at the recent elections, while their appointments are scheduled to be given during the appointing of the state and deputy ministers.  

Accordingly, the Prime Minister had agreed to grant Matara district MP Buddhika Pathirana and S.M. Marikkar and Colombo district MP Mujibur Rahuman and several others such deputy ministerial posts.

As the reshuffling of UNP members was done previously, there would not be a big change at this time.
The state and deputy ministers are expected to be sworn in tomorrow (02), it is reported.

VijithaHerath 670px 01 31

Country’s issues cannot be resolved by Cabinet reshuffle alone - JVP

Meanwhile, the JVP stated that solutions to the country’s issues cannot be got by mere Cabinet reshuffle.

Its Propaganda Secretary MP Vijitha Herath made this comment during a function held in Kelaniya on April 29, in response to a question raised by the media.