Apr 27, 2018

Joseph Michael to lose organizer position too? Featured

Joseph Michael Perera stands to lose his Ja-Ela electoral organizer position following his exit from the UNP working committee in protest against the reappointment of Ravi Karunanayake as deputy leader of the party, political sources say.

Previously, Karunanayake got appointed to the position, only after Perera relinquished that same position he had held.

Last year, Perera was involved in a dispute with Karunanayake over his not being given a speech at a meeting held at Ja-Ela, chaired by Karunanayake.

Perera is now saying that without the burden of the electoral organizer position, he will be able to criticize the party freely.

Ranjan Ramanayake too, has objected to Karunanayake’s reappointment.

Conspiracy alleged

Commenting on these, a top UNP activist told Sri Lanka Mirror that another party figure was behind a conspiracy to divide the party.

The conspirators had failed to secure the general secretary position for Imitiaz Bakir Marker, and are now attacking Karunanayake, he added.

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