Apr 26, 2018

Complaint to police about ‘The Buddhist’ dispute! Featured

New chairman of The Buddhist Media Network and Sri Sambodhi Foundation and chief incumbent of Sri Sambodhi Vihara, Ven. Boralande Vajiragnana Thera lodged a complaint with Cinnamon Gardens police on April 24 against holding administrative meetings of the institutions without his knowledge.

Receipt for the complaint CIB 67/228 is given below:

However, an administrative meeting has taken place following the complaint.

There have been accusations that certain persons are attempting to take over these institutions following the passing away of founding chairman Ven. Daranagama Kusaladhamma Thera.

The appointment of seven directors to the Foundation that managed the media network during the period Kusaladhamma Thera had been unwell too, has come into question.

Letter to registrar general of companies

On March 26, Vajiragnana Thera wrote to the registrar general of companies, asking him to temporarily halt appointing new directors to the Foundation that is registered under GA 2733.

Given below is the letter:


Secretary’s video

Meanwhile, secretary of the Foundation, lawyer Sajiva Srinath Tissera has posted a video in social media claiming that the directors have been informed that their chairman should be included in the director board.

Given below is the video:

Kusaladhamma Thera gave attorney license

Referring to an article published by us previously, another director Harshana Alles says he has been entrusted, through an attorney license, with the affairs of personal properties of Kusaladhamma Thera, after he was diagnosed with cancer during tests in Singapore.

Later, when the Thera was receiving treatment in hospital, he had instructed that the properties be given to the custody of the Foundation.

Until then, The Buddhist was managed by three directors – Kusaladhamma Thera, Vajiragnana Thera and Suranimala Senaratne.

As Kusaladhamma Thera’s condition was critical, with the consent of the other two directors, five other members were appointed to the director board, says director Alles.

When contacted, the other party involved expressed surprise, and questioned as to how a critically-ill Kusaladhamma Thera could have given any such instructions.

Those parties however admitted that Kusaladhamma Thera had given an attorney license to director Alles.

Both parties say Kusaladhamma Thera had wanted to appoint chief patron of Sri Sambodhi Vihara, former defence secretary Gotabhaya Rajapaksa, as a member of the director board.