Apr 24, 2018

Karukupane fishing hamlet washes away to sea Featured

The Karukupane fishing hamlet at Arachchikattuwa is falling victim to rough seas by the day.

The inhabitants of this small village surrounded by the sea and Hamilton Canal depend on both for their fishing.

To prevent further erosion, the Coast Conservation Department has erected several rock barriers, but without success.

The inhabitants say their village will be swept away by the sea if an immediate and lasting solution is not given.

Sea Attack Soil 1
sea erosion where the rock barriers are erected

As between 10 to 15 feet of the land has been washed away in some places, the fishermen cannot launch their boats to engage in their livelihood either.

An official of the Puttalam Disaster Management Centre said the Wildlife Department has been asked to attend to this matter.

Iranativu people demand their land back

Meanwhile, people of Iranativu island in Kilinochchi protested yesterday (23) demanding their land back.

They staged an agitation while attending the annual feast of the church located in the island.

The protestors say the military was yet to return their land despite having carried out a 359 day protest.

Around 200 families, who fled the island and took up shelter at Iranamatha Nagar in 1992, want their land back to live and to engage in their livelihood of fishing.

Sea Attack Soil 2

Sea Attack Soil 3

Sea Attack Soil 4

Sea Attack Soil 5

They have been demanding their land back since 2009 and started a Satyagraha on 01 May 2017 which is still ongoing.

ChurchCatholic church at Iranativu

Iranativu consists of two islets – Maha Iranativu and Kuda Iranativu.

It has the remains of a school, post office and a catholic church, in addition to a pillar built out of a special stone in 1896 during the colonial rule.

Sea Attack Soil 6

Sea Attack Soil 7

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