Apr 24, 2018

Bathing tax for Kolonna

A tense situation arose at the Kolonna Pradeshiya Sabha sitting which was held yesterday (23). It was postponed from the 11th.

The tense situation arose with the proposal made by the SLPP Member T.L. Thusitha proposing a bathing tax. He noted that as there are several bathing spots in Kolonna, these places could be used to generate income.

 Accordingly, he proposed that the Bulutota bathing spot should be developed, adding that around 500 come there to bathe daily.

Many of the members expressed their views in this regard in favour and against the proposal, but it was not passed.

 The Chairman of the Kolonna Pradeshiya Sabha T. Rupasinghe headed the meeting, while the SLPP dominates the Kolonna PS which comprises  20 members. The SLPP has 11 members, the UNP has 06, the JVP has 02 and the SLFP 01 member.

 The meeting commenced at around 10.00 am while the former Chairman and the Opposition Leader (UNP) B. Ariyawansa did not possess majority power and as a division was evident a secret vote was required to be taken and the powers of the Chairman should be determined.

 However, claiming that there was no dispute over the authority of the Chairman, T. Rupasinghe conducted the meeting.