Apr 24, 2018

AG’s Dept. in cover up to allow bail for suspects? Featured

The Attorney General’s Department has noted that a case filed by the CID against a group of soldiers in connection with the abduction and assault of journalist Keith Noyarh does not come under the firearms ordinance.

Legal circles are surprised over the submission, made to the Mt. Lavinia magistrate’s court on April 18.

Noyarh has said in a statement given to the CID that he was threatened and assaulted at gunpoint following his abduction at Dehiwala on 20 May 2008.

Previously, Additional solicitor general Roshantha Abeysuriya did not oppose granting bail to the suspects when the case was taken up on 20 June last year.

It is alleged the AG’s dept. is covering up the point in order to allow bail for the suspects.