Apr 24, 2018

36,500 illegal abortions are performed a year! Featured

Sri Lanka is having more abortions than the number of births a year, according to an expert.

The country records 35,500 births a year, but the number of abortions is 36,500, at the rate of 1,000 illegal abortions a day, says Dr. Maxi Fernandopulle.

He was speaking at a dialogue organized by the Sri Lanka Catholic Council, presided by Archbishop Malcolm Cardinal Ranjith.

Dr. Fernandopulle went onto say that illegal abortions were performed at makeshift places, even by unqualified persons.

He placed the number of doctors performing illegal abortions at around 40,000.

Even when abortions take place at government and leading private hospitals, the equipment used lead to various infections, while mostly unregistered medicines are prescribed, said Dr. Fernandopulle.

He said that 11 per cent of maternal mortality was caused by abortions, the third highest in total.

Globally, 219 women conceive every year and 19 million of them get abortions and 68,000 of them die in the process, while 5.3 pc are stricken with complications, temporarily or for life, he said.

Dr. Fernandopulle stressed the need for a proper sexual education for schoolchildren and family planning awareness among the youth.

Should rise up against abortions

Speaking on the occasion, Cardinal Ranjith said abortion was considered both illegal and against religion.

We should rise up against abortions and children who cannot be brought up should be given for adoption without resorting to abortion, he said.