Apr 21, 2018

Another complication in Udayanga’s extradition! Featured

The UAE where former Sri Lanka Ambassador to Russia Udayanga Weeratunge is being held, had notified Sri Lanka through the Interpol to produce information based on the extradition laws.

They have said that Udayanga is being held over violation of the UAE immigration and Emigration laws and prior to extraditing him to the country he came from after imposing a fine, the relevant documentation needs to be produced.

However, since there is no legal charges filed directly against Udayanga Weeratunga, it is an issue to produce the documentation requested by Interpol, it is said.

Further, so far no charge sheet against Udayanga has been produced to Court and since he is only wanted to record a statement to determine if a crime has been committed, producing the documentation requested by Interpol pertaining to his extradition, has become problematic, according to police sources.

The Colombo Fort Magistrate’s Court has issued a warrant against Weeratunge due to his failure to appear in court on three occasions despite summons being served, ordering him to report to the FCID and issue a statement pertaining to the MiG transaction.

On February 04, the UAE authorities had detained Weeratunge while he was trying to go to Malaysia from Dubai using an illegal passport.

Although around 15 officials of the FCID, AG’s Department and the Foreign Ministry went to Dubai on three occasions to bring Udayanga Weeratunga back to Sri Lanka, their attempts proved futile.