Apr 20, 2018

No alms given for 1,940 temples countrywide

The monetary allocations made by the Buddhasasana Fund, Archaeological Department, Cultural Affairs Department, Presidential Secretariat and the Prime Minister’s office most often are distributed among a selected group of temples and as such a Cabinet paper has been submitted for the distribution of these funds based on priority basis, it is reported.

It was revealed in a survey done by the Buddhist Affairs Commissioner’s Department that there are 1,940 temples island wide where the monks don’t even receive any alms and are without proper abodes or toilet facilities.

The survey revealed that there are 3,406 temples that are complete with all facilities and receive local and foreign donations, 2,317 temples with slightly lesser facilities than the previous group and 2,469 temples where the monks receive occasional alms and the facilities are not sufficient.

Hence, the Buddhasasana Minister Gamini Jayawickrama Perera said that based on a three year plan, all temples would be developed with all facilities.