Dec 06, 2016

Public pays taxes to raise MPs’ salaries Featured

People’s representatives are demanding an increase in their salaries, payments and other privileges, but Sri Lanka’s per capita income remains unchanged at 3,837 dollars.

It has been proposed to raise the MPs’ attendance allowance to Rs. 20,000, to pay them Rs. 2,500 per parliamentary meeting and grant Rs. 100,000 as office allowance.

An MP draws a basic salary of Rs. 54,258, and a minister gets Rs. 65,000 a month.

Together with allowances, an MP gets around 160,000 a month, while governments MPs receive Rs. 460,000, inclusive of transport and office allowances.

Taking all 225 MPs at their MP’s salary, it costs Rs. 36,000,000 a month to pay them.

The list given below shows how much is spent on people’s representatives salaries, allowances and other privileges:

The increased payments that have been approved by the cabinet will cost more than Rs. 20 million a month.

In the meantime, the 58 government MPs are to be given a Rs. 700,000 vehicle allowance, in addition to the Rs. 200,000 fuel allowance they are already receiving.

By claiming financial difficulties of MPs and giving them more privileges, what the government intends doing is to gain a majority passage for the budget.

The government forgets the woes of the public and is bent only on dealing with its own issues.